Thursday, August 11, 2011

The first meeting ... I want more!

The first meeting Unfortunately, only few are able to recognize after the first meeting to develop a relationship and want to meet again.Ultimately, these relationships will remain in that place.BUT YOU COULD HAVE YET TO BE TOGETHER!
If she likes you, then ACT!

Show your appreciation and interest

At the end of the meeting, be sure to thank him for the great night out.
Your goal is to show that he likes you and you would like to meet again.

A good excuse to meet new ...

When it became clear during the meeting that you have common interests, then it's a great excuse to meet again.For example, if you both like the band then go to the concert with them.


The first meeting is probably inappropriate to kiss a new acquaintance,because,do you still like for him or not.Give him your hand,pushing her hand gently and sexy,look him straight in the eye and touch his hand as if at random again.


The risk is a noble thing to do.Let your new acquaintance what you're feeling:it was a pleasant evening, and if the weather is nice.Talk about anything, but try to be sincere, and you are definitely the happiest couple in the future!